Founder – Owner

I provide a personalized approach to doing taxes that you won’t find anywhere else. My family and I have lived in Gilbert for over 20 years and I know what you, your family, and your small business are facing because I’m facing it too.

I started my business 20 years ago from the ground up with a passion to simplify this process. I make doing your taxes a painless and profitable experience. I work with dozens of small businesses in and around the Gilbert area to help them stay on track and maximize profit by clarifying and simplifying their taxes.

Doing Taxes, my life’s work…

I am deeply motivated to be a part of my family and my community. Doing taxes isn’t just a job for me it’s my life’s work. I work for my wife and 5 boys, and for all the loyal clients I have. I provide what you can never get from a national chain or a seasonal preparer: personal investment.

I care about your financial health and I do what it takes to make the most of your tax time experience so you never have to wonder or worry if you’re getting what you deserve. Work with someone who shows you mutual respect. Don’t wait to schedule your Free Tax Season Strategy Session.